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5 Things About Matheran That'll Make You Rush!

By: Akshatha Vinayak

Wondering where to go for your monsoon trip? Of course, there are a lot many places to choose and explore. How about Matheran? Yeah, it is a cliched place. Still, there is something mystical about it that attracts so many. Those who have already visited Matheran, just remember its serene beauty and those who haven't explored, please pack and head right away! Are you still asking why? Do read these amazing things about Matheran to get an answer.


A Splendid View of Matheran
Photo Courtesy: wishwasdeep srivastav

Beginner's Trek

You don't have to be an experienced trekker to go on an expedition in Matheran. Anyone can hike in Matheran as it is one of the easy trekking destinations. However, there are many trekking trails to reach the hill station.


Matheran Toy Train
Photo Courtesy: Magiceye

Toy Train

Why to strain when there is toy train! The Toy Train journey is one of the main attractions in Matheran. A narrow gauge toy train runs four times a day from Neral Station to the hill top. The Matheran Toy Train (Phuli Rani) slowly slithers across the lush green hills, and it is a bliss to enjoy its curves and views. Try avoiding it during summer!


Picturesque Matheran
Photo Courtesy: Elroy Serrao

Photographer's Delight

It doesn't matter whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, Matheran is the best. Capturing the picturesque landscapes, especially during monsoon and post-monsoon seasons, is exciting! It is sure to offer you a splendid space for photo experiments.


No Vehicles Only Horse Rides
Photo Courtesy: Magiceye

Automobile Free Hill Station

Walk, Walk and Walk! That is what you can do in Matheran because it is India's only automobile free hill station. No vehicles are allowed after Dasturi Point. No honking, no pollution and no sound except the 'clip-clops' of the horses. You can explore Matheran on horses if you are not up for walks! Surely, it is one of the best reasons to visit Matheran.


Monsoon in Matheran
Photo Courtesy : Harsha S

Best Monsoon Destination

Matheran has come a long way from being a summer capital during the British times to a monsoon destination. The green blanket that covers the hills is a feast for the eyes. This extravaganza of nature can be seen during monsoons. The smell of rain and the slushy paths is all that you get in this pristine hill station.

How To Reach Matheran

Matheran is 120km from Pune and Mumbai is 80km to Matheran.

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