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The Sand Dunes Village Of Khimsar

Written By: Pranav

The village of Khimsar is located between the famous towns of Bikaner and Jodhpur. The village is perched upon one of the edges of the famous Thar desert. It is also home to another marvel, a unique fort which dates back to the 16th century called the Nagaur Fort.

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Khimsar is also considered as the starting point of the famous Thar desert which spreads across the state with a total area covering a distance of 20,8110 km. Tourists are drawn to this land in large numbers for what it has to offer to its visitors, which begins with adventure sports in the desert to wildlife safaris.

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The rustic surroundings along with the mud huts constructed add on to form a very different atmosphere and a very unique experience which would give you a peaceful and refreshing experience.

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Best Time To Visit

Being a desert town, the place has extreme heat waves blowing across all the time. However, the months from October to mid April are considered as the best time to visit, with the weather being co- operative with the visitors.

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The Nagaur Fort, which is believed to have been constructed in the 10th century is a major draw here. The fort finds its way even in the great epic of Mahabharata. It was given an appreciation by UNESCO for its restoration.

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The village is also home to another fort which is the Khimsar Fort. The fort finds its place in the desert and is believed to have been constructed in the 16th century, by Rao Karamsji. The fort attracts a large number of visitors for its architecture.

A section of the fort has been converted into a heritage hotel and another section still serves as the residence of the descendants of the royal family which ruled the place. At present, the residents are the 20th generation of the lineage.

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Exploring The Village

To explore the sand dunes village, one can hop on to a camel which would take you for a ride in the desert. For the adventure seekers there are the jeeps which would offer you a whole different experience of desert safari.

The access to the village is limited by jeeps, camels and horses. It takes you to a whole new and different level of rustic experience which would help you to savour the magnificent Thar Desert in all its splendour.

khimsar in rajasthan

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The village is set on the countryside with a beautiful blue lake. Along with the lake are some well placed palm trees which add on to the overall beauty of the sand dunes and give a very romantic appeal to the entire atmosphere.

Weekend Getaways From Khimsar

For nature lovers, well it is paradise on earth, with about 47 different species of birds. One would be able to enjoy the company of the highly hospitable people, who would treat the visitors in a royal way and make sure that the stay is a comfortable one. An interesting factor is that the staff in the heritage hotel are the descendants of the royal family.

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