Nagaur Fort, Nagaur

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Nagaur Fort is a prime tourist attraction located in the Nagaur city. It is a beautiful sandy fortress built in the 2nd century. This fort has witnessed plenty of battles during the bygone era. This is the best flat land fort of Rajasthan and is famous for its high walls and huge campus. Tourists can see many palaces, fountains, temples, and beautiful gardens inside the fort.

The Nagavanshis constructed this fort and later on, it was renovated by Mohammed Bahlim. The fort has three main entrances; the first entrance was made of iron and wood spikes to guard against elephant charges and enemy attacks. The second entrance is ‘Beech Ka Pol’ and the last entrance is ‘Kacheri Pol’. This last gateway was used as the judiciary of Nagaur in the ancient time.


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