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Travel to the 5 Skydiving Destinations of India

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Skydiving is an extreme sport that is still at a very nascent stage in India, but its popularity and presence is slowly spreading. Adventure travellers and sports fanatics are letting go of all their fears and indulging in this heart pumping sport. The sport gained much of its popularity after it was potrayed in the movie 'Zindage Na Milegi Dobara' and now there is no stopping its growth.

While there aren't many companies offering full-time skydiving tours or packages, the frequency of skydiving camps across the country has been steadily increasing. If you keep your eyes peeled, you could easily catch the extreme thrill of soaring through the skies in a city near you. Here is a guide to the five places you can head to get yourself a set of wings and fly!

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Located just a few hours away from Bangalore, at the base of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is known to host several skydiving camps. Organised by the Drop Zone, Kakini Enterprises, the camp gives you the options of static jumps, tandem jumps and accelerated freefalls to choose from. Tourists coming here can indulge in the extreme sport and enjoy the excitement that only this sport can provide.

Trainers helping a student during skydiving.
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2. Dhana
Nearly 200 km east of Bhopal lies Dhana in Madhya Pradesh, a faintly populated town. It is home to an air strip that frequently hosts skydiving camps for adventure enthusiasts. The 4,000 ft jump here does not give you much freefall time but the experience of gazing over the vast emptiness of the landscape is a memory you will hold onto for a lifetime. Travellers coming here ensure that they indulge in this adrenaline pumping activity and also explore this lesser known town.

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3. Deesa
The Sports Authority of Gujarat was the first Indian sporting body to look at skydiving as an adventure sport and eventually ensured that Gujarat become the first India state to have a certified drop-zone in Deesa. The lake-side city has hosted several skydiving tours and camps and is a major hub for the sport. Tourists interested in this sport can sign up at the camp and get trained from the experts before the finally take a plunge into the open sky.

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4. Amby Valley
The first place to offer skydiving packages throughout the year in India is the Skydive located in Amby Valley which is a 2-hour drive from Mumbai. It is considered as one of the best skydiving spots in India and offers a 10,000 ft tandem jump to its visitors. Travellesrs coming here should certainly try this out as it gives you a once in a lifetime experience. Although, under the regulations people suffering from Vertigo are advised not to do it.

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5. Pondicherry
Another lesser known place where tourist can indulge in this extreme sport is in the city of Pondicherry where Kakini Enterprises ensures that adventure fanatics have a tryst with this wild sport. This 10,000 feet jump is surely going to gt your adrenaline pumping and you will be asking for more. 

Travel to the 5 Skydiving Destinations of India

Up, up and away.
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