» »Madhya Pradesh Tourism – The Charming City of Islamnagar

Madhya Pradesh Tourism – The Charming City of Islamnagar

By Manoj

Of the many places you can visit in Madhya Pradesh, specific mention is to be made about the small village of Islamnagar which has been easily forgotten with the passage of time.

The simple village was once the capital of an Afghan ruler and till today you can see the past grandeur of the place when you travel here.

Although it carries very less prominence, the town still speaks of a time when it was flowing with riches. The original name of the village was Jagdishpur, but after the Afghan ruler overtook it, he renamed it Islamnagar which means 'City of Islam'.

There is not much that you can do here but it is worth a visit as you will get to see a few attractions here which in the past was the stronghold and beauty of the city.

Chaman Mahal

The Chaman Mahal is also known as 'Garden Palace'. This beautiful palace was built by the ruler Dost Mohammad Khan and is known for the 'Sheesh Mahal' inside it consisting of 12 doors having painted glass doors.

The major attraction here is the beautiful garden that is placed in the middle of the palace. Tourists coming here can explore this old palace and also marvel at the garden which is tended to till date.

Chaman Mahal

View of the Chaman Mahal.
Photo Courtesy: Vu2sga

Islamnagar Fort

The Islamnagar Fort was built as a defence against enemy attacks. Although now it lies in ruins, tourists coming here will be able to marvel at the thought of the grandeur it held during its hey days. Visitors coming here can explore this fort and also see the scenic view of the region from here.

Rani Mahal

The Rani Mahal or as it is called 'Queen's Palace' was built by the king Dost Mohammad Khan as a gift to his dear wife. The structure has beautiful balconies and a roof which contained a garden in the past.

The palace also had an underground cell where the queen and her hand maidens escaped to during a battle. Tourists coming here can explore this majestic palace and marvel at the skills of the artisans who built it.

Rani Mahal

Admire the beauty of Rani Mahal.
Photo Courtesy: Vu2sga

How to Reach Islamnagar

By Air: The closest airport to Islamnagar is situated in Bhopal at a distance of about 11.2 km. It is well-connected to the other major cities of India.

By Train: The nearest railway station to Islamnagar is located at Bhopal (11.2 km). Bhopal Junction has a strong network of trains connecting it to other parts of the state and country.

By Road: Islamnagar is connected by local buses and auto-rickshaws to the nearby cities, especially to Bhopal. Taxis plying from Bhopal to Islamnagar are also available for travellers.

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