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How to spend 24 hours in Mumbai

There is no place else like Mumbai. It is a city of dreamers, food lovers, businessmen, actors, newbies, media houses and the list keeps going. There is everything for everyone in this city of dreamers. Some say it is always running, some say it is fast, some say it is active, some say it makes dreams come true... Regardless of what adjective you use, Mumbai will lure you into visiting its nooks. That's why the megacity attracts millions of tourists, travellers, backpackers and luxury travellers from all over the world every year.

There is everything in Mumbai; from street food to street art to artist corners to theatre shows. It is hard to jot down what exactly you can miss out and what you can keep on your itinerary when visiting this city. And when you have only 24 hours to take the most out of a city like Mumbai, it seems rather impossible.

But not on NativePlanet. We are travel experts and we believe in giving our readers the best of what we know: Travel. Even though Mumbai is huge and there are numerous things to do in a day, we have compiled all the important things into a Mumbai to-do list so that you don't miss out on any of the major things and as you return back home, you have nothing but pleasant memories.

Now sit back, relax and after you're done reading this article, bookmark it. We don't want you to lose this in your history.

Explore The Colonial Side In South Mumbai

British dominated major parts of Mumbai. What once was the trading centre of the colonial era has now become the finance capital of a nation. As you stroll through southern Bombay, you will travel through time.

The colonial imprints, the regal British architect, the Victorian era motifs, the ceilings, the domes, the statues of various English prominent figures, you cannot help but reminisce about the past. This part of town is kept rather clean as compared to the rest of the city.

The alignment of buildings with the rows of trees, the age-old colonial buildings turned into government offices and many other visual historical treats - you will surely have a gala time exploring and reading about the history here. Don't forget the Gateway of India. It's a must.

Ride A Double-decker

Next on the 24-hour list is ride a double-decker. It's like being in London, you've got to try a tram-train ride. Since most of the crowd takes metros and local transport these days, the load on the buses is to a minimum. But there are buses with good frequency and that travel through chief areas; these buses carry the maximum crowd.

So avoid the chief locations unless you want to stand in a box filled with sweat and no shoulder room. Board a relatively empty double-decker, because why not? Climb to the top and experience how it feels to be a Mumbaikar.

Take A Ride In An Ambassador

things to do in mumbai

Next on the list is riding an ambassador taxi. If you've not ridden in a yellow-black taxi, did you even visit Mumbai? Make sure you take enough selfies in one ride to keep as proof later. The taxis run in the south of Mumbai and there is no place of a rickshaw.

Enjoy The Deep Blue Sea At Marine Lines

Post your riding expedition and a history lesson, you can unwind at the Marine Drive. It's the favourite spot of the locals, vendors and students. You can see many people just having a nice time in this part - watching the waves, seeing the lights lighting up the city turning into a curvy necklace. It is relaxing and rejuvenating.

Don't forget to click some great pictures. And if you're lucky, you may end up witnessing those wonderful movie shoots.

Try The Delicious Food At Bademiya

things to do in mumbai

Bademiya is famous for its non-vegetarian food. From shawarmas to rolls, you can relish meaty delights of your choice. The food is not even overpriced as compared to Mumbai's image of being expensive. This place has also got some of the best vegetarian rolls.

The place is always crowded because of its popular image and the quality of food it serves, so make sure you arrive early and have enough time to wait for a table.

Gulp Down A Beverage At Haji Ali

Haji Ali is famous for its delicious juices. They keep seasonal fruits as well as exotic fruits. Don't forget to try their dates milkshake. Chocolate shake is standard. Since it is a popular spot, you'll again find a row of people here. But don't worry, the wait is worth it as the drinks are delicious.

Visit Haji Ali

Right next to the Haji Ali Juice Centre is the dargah. So if you are feeling religious or just want to admire the architecture of a mosque standing tall in the middle of the sea for centuries, surely give the mosque a try.

Drive Through The Sea Link

Post your southern Mumbai adventures, head to the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. A drive through the sea link is a moment to behold. You'll have a great time driving with the wind and feeling as if you are floating with the wind.

Try The Street Food At Juhu Beach

You cannot possibly miss the great Mumbai street food. Launch yourself at the stalls of Juhu Beach and pig out. From pav bhaji to chole to sevpuri, your choice of menu is endless. You can try each of your favourites and end with a kala khatta soda drink. After your snacking, take a stroll at the beach, admire the sunset and the people gathered to celebrate the small things in life.

Ride A Local Train

things to do in mumbai

End your 24 hours by riding a local train back to your destination. If it's rush hour, try and avoid the train but if you are adventurous, why not? Riding a local train is an adventure of its own. You'll see a variety of people here: some talkative, some helpful, some aggressive, but in all beautiful in their own way.

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