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7 Fossil Parks of India Which You Should Visit!

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We often hear about the findings of fossils of animals, plants and even humans. These are very interesting discoveries as they will introduce us to the life on earth that exited several million or billion years ago. Come on then, let's take a tour around the fossil parks of India.

Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park

If you are fanatic of movies like Jurassic Park then you will certainly be excited to visit Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park! Visit this park to witness the real dinosaur eggs which belonged to the later Cretaceous period.

Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park

Life-Size Model of a Dinosaur
Photo Courtesy: FabSubeject

The park also has life-sized dinosaur models with names and information of the respective animals. Interestingly, Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park is fondly called as the 'Jurassic Park of India' and it is the only dinosaur museum in India.

Location: Indroda Dinosaur Park is located around 24km from Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

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Shivalik Fossil Park

Shivalik Fossil Park contains the fossilised remains of prehistoric animals which lived in the Shivalik Hill ranges of Himachal Pradesh. These prehistoric vertebrate fossils are said to be around 2.5 million years old. Shivalik Fossil Park also has an open exhibition with the life-size models of 6 extinct animals and also a small museum with the collection of skulls, pictures, bones of animals.

Shivalik Fossil Park

Life-Size model of Huge Land Tortoise
Photo Courtesy: Vjdchauhan

The open exhibition contains the fiberglass models of animals such as sabre-toothed cat, huge land tortoise, large tusked elephant, hippopotamus and gharial four-horned giraffe. Shivalik Fossil Park which is also called as Suketi Fossil Park is one of the biggest fossil parks in the Asian continent.

Location: Suketi Village which around 250km from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

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The National Fossil Wood Park - Thirvakkarai

Wood Fossil
Photo Courtesy: Prabhupuducherry

The National Fossil Wood Park - Thirvakkarai

The National Fossil Wood Park is a unique park which consists of petrified wood fossils (fossils of trees) that are approximately 20 million years old. The park has 200 petrified wood fossils with trees' annular rings and pit structures still intact.

Location: The National Fossil Wood Park is located in Tiruvakkarai Village of Villupuram in Tamil Nadu.

Ghughua Fossil Park

Fossils of trees
Photo Coutesy: NJneeraj

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Ghughua Fossil Park

Ghughua Fossil Park has a collection of plant, fruit, leaf and seed fossils which are 65 million years old. However, it is known for the Eucalyptus fossil which is the oldest one ever discovered. Even the palm fossils are unique here. Surprisingly, a dinosaur egg fossil was also found in Ghughua Fossil Park.

Location: The Ghughua Fossil Park is around 15km from the town of Shahpura in Madhya Pradesh.

Salkhan Fossil Park

Salkhan Fossil Park is one of the unique fossil parks in India. It consists of algae and stromatolites (sedimentary rock) fossils. Salkhan Fossil Park which is called as Sonbhadra Fossil Park is located adjacent to Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Location: Salkhan Fossil Park is about 15km from the city of Robertsganj in Uttar Pradesh.

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Mandla Plant Fossils National Park

Wood Fossil 
Photo Courtesy: LRBurdak

Mandla Plant Fossils National Park

Mandla Plant Fossils National Park has fossils of trees and plants that existed in India about 40 million to 150 million years ago. The fossils of these trees were spread across the several villages of Mandla district. Interestingly, even the fossils of molluscs are found here indicating the sea bed which was near to the district some million years ago. Since, the region comes in the basin of Narmada river, it is said that it was a coastal region which got separated due to the geological disturbances.

Location: Mandla Plant Fossils National Park is in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh.

Wood Fossil

Wood Fossil 
Photo Courtesy: Arivazhagan.ma

National Fossil Wood Park

National Fossil Wood Park is yet another wood fossil park in Tamil Nadu. The park consists of fossilized remains of a conifer tree which is around 120 million years old. This tree trunk is huge in size and is well-preserved in the park.

Location: National Fossil Wood Park is in Sathanur of Tamil Nadu.

These fossils are the reminders of the eras which is unimaginable! It is a surprise to see such age-old animal or plant fossils that lived in our regions and taking a tour around these parks will certainly bring goosebumps

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