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Top 5 Bungee Jumping Destinations in India

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There is so much of diversity across India that it is not surprising it has a major scope for many adventure sports. Tourists, usually, travel around the country to explore its various attractions or for religious pilgrimages. But there are a special few who actually hunt down the places where they can indulge in adventure sports activities.

Top 5 Bungee Jumping Destinations in India

Bungee-jumping is the kind of thing that you do after nearly sweating out your guts in fear and once you've done it, you want to do it over and over again. So if you have finally made up your mind to crush your fear of free-falling from a great height and are ready to take a plunge, here are the top five destinations in India for bungee jumping!

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1. Rishikesh

Jumping Heights, located in Mohan Chatti village in Rishikesh, has been rated as one of the most preferred bungee jumping provider in India. It is the only place in India where bungee jumping can be done from a fixed platform. A Cantilever platform is built over a rocky cliff which is 83 mt above ground level, making it the highest and the most thrilling bungee jumping location in India. Jumping Heights is well known for its safety measures and experienced staff. It costs around Rs 2500 per jump, a bit expensive, but totally worth the experience.

Overcome your fears.
Photo Courtesy: Julie Facine

2. Bangalore

Ozone in Bangalore is another popular bungee jumping provider in India. Here bungee jumping is conducted from the height of 80 ft above the ground and there is no fixed platform. The entire equipment is fastened to a 130-ft-high mobile crane. Anyone between the age group of 18 and 60 years can enjoy this adrenaline pumping experience at Ozone Adventures. 

An enthusiast jumping from a crane.
Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Keith

3. Delhi

If you are looking for a decent bungee jumping location in the North, Wanderlust in Delhi would be the best choice. The entire bungee jumping staff at Wanderlust have been trained in Germany and operates with German technology and equipment. It offers crane jumps from 130 ft above the ground level. Any adventure enthusiast between the age group of 14 to 50 years can perform this thrilling sport here.

A long way down.
Photo Courtesy: Manish Chauhan

4. Goa

If you are planning to go to Goa any time soon, you can try your first bungee jump at Gravity Zone. It is located near Anjuna beach, one of the most popular attractions in Goa. It has set up a permanent 25 mt high tower for Bungee jumping that costs around Rs. 500 per jump. Since the jumping platform is not really high, you can always choose Gravity Zone to be your first bungee jumping location.

5. Lonavala

Della Adventures in Lonavala is one of the largest adventure parks in India. It is also a popular bungee jumping destination. The jumping platform is 45 mt, and the leap lasts for around 4 to 5 minutes. It is only suitable for those aged above 10 years and will cost you around Rs. 1500 per jump.

Enjoy the rush of thrill.
Photo Courtesy: Della Adventure

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