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Best Food Joints in Kochi: Part 1

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Kochi is one of the top happening places in Kerala. The residents of the city include Keralites as well as students and working professionals from various parts of the world.

Kochi, being a place where the people belong to different communities following various cultures, the food culture here is also as varied as their races. Kochi has some of the best food joints that serve authentic cuisine from various parts of the world. Let's see the best of these food corners that one shouldn't miss while at Kochi.

Dal Roti

For authentic North Indian food, the best place is Dal Roti in Fort Kochi. From the typical dal tadka and phulkas to the hot tandoori kebabs and the raita with a tint of 'amchur' added, Dal Roti serves you with the best recipes from North India. The restaurant is located on Church Road in Fort Kochi and is open from 9am to 10pm.

Frys Village Restaurant

Located on the Veekshanam Road at Chittoor in Kochi, Frys Village restaurant is an ideal place to have typical Kerala food, especially the seafood! The delicious dishes that are served in banana leaves and the clean atmosphere are what makes the service here special. You get all kinds of Kerala food like 'Idiyappam', 'Meen Pollichathu', 'Naadan Beef Fry', etc. at very reasonable rates.


This small cafe in Kochi is best known for its tea, snacks and the wonderful ambience. With the tea-tree shaped tables and the hanging teapots all over the place, this is a perfect place to unwind and relax while you have a refreshing tea. Apart from the choices of tea, they also serve milk shakes, cakes and other refreshments at a reasonable price. Teapot, one of the best food joints in Kochi, is located in Peter Celli Street in Fort Kochi.

Talk of the Town

This is one of the best budget restaurants in Fort Kochi. Located near Santacruz Basilica, the restaurant serves tasty dishes from all parts of India. With a perfect blend of mild and spicy delicacies and the quick service by the friendly staff here, you wouldn't regret your visit to this restaurant. Some of the recommended dishes here are the Fruit Lassi, Butter Chicken, Pineapple & Tomato Curry and the Kerala fish curry.

Best Food Joints in Kochi: Part 1

Casa Linda

Casa Linda is one of the best food joints in Kochi that serves you with authentic Indian and Continental cuisine. Located just opposite to St. Paul's School in Fort Kochi, the restaurant at Casa Linda Hotel serves you with a whole array of dishes to choose from. One of the highly recommended dishes here is the Coconut Prawns Curry. The North Indian food and other Kerala dishes are also popular here.

The list is not over. A few more other restaurants and food joints in Kochi would be covered shortly in the coming articles. 

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