Fort Kochi, Kochi

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Fort Kochi is an integral part of the city of Kochi but situated across a stretch of the sea. A solid bridge forms the connection between Fort Kochi and the rest of the world. This place offers many delights to tourists in terms of history, art, food and religion.

The place is best explored by foot or on a cycle. Bicycles and bikes are available on hire. Fort Kochi offers museums, palaces, synagogues, Hindu temples, churches, heritage buildings, art galleries, parks, beach, ayurvedic massages, roadside cafes and souvenir shopping.

Local people also offer home stays for a wholesome travel experience. The uniqueness of Fort Kochi lies in its rich cultural heritage that is reflected in the buildings in and around the area. You can easily spot Portuguese, Jewish, Greeks and Tibetan culture in the place. However, among all these the Kerala culture remains absolutely intact.

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