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Indo-Portuguese Museum, Kochi

The Indo-Portuguese Museum is an example of the harmony that exists between two countries and two cultures. It is also a representation of how the Portuguese culture has played an important role in making Kochi one of the finest port cities of the world.

The museum showcases an array of artefacts, documents and other relics that prove the non-erasable mark that Portuguese traders have left on the history of Kochi. The museum was the dream child of Dr. Kureethra who was also the Bishop of Kochi.

The one main reason of constructing this museum was to show the cultural harmony that existed between the two countries even then. A visit to the museum will teach the generations to come about the peaceful co-existence of two or more cultures and religions.

The museum is also an archaeologist’s delight because it showcases some of the best craftsmanship of the times in terms of delicately carved sculptures on teak wood of supreme quality.

Indo-Portuguese Museum Photos