Ideal Weekend Getaways From Gurgaon

6 Ideal Weekend Getaways From Gurgaon

Gurgaon, now officially known as Gurugram, is a beautiful city of Haryana that is rapidly becoming one of the most important industrial hubs of India. The city is dotted with lofty skyscrapers, well-planned parks and entertainment centres like Kingdom of Dreams, ...
Visit The Magnificent Morni Hills The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Visit The Magnificent Morni Hills In Haryana – The Perfect Weekend Getaway

A lot of times in our life, we tend to get caught in the routine, work pressure or stress from studying so much that we forget to relax. The term "relax" becomes a luxury and we never have the time to ...
A Road Trip From The Charming Chandigarh To The Holy Rishikesh

A Road Trip From The Charming Chandigarh To The Holy Rishikesh

Chandigarh is the first and the best-planned city in India. It is an excellent and most significant experiment of urban planning of the last century. Officially a union territory that is controlled by the central government of India, it is also ...
Five Places To Visit From Delhi Over A Long Weekend In April

5 Places To Visit From Delhi Over A Long Weekend In April

With the pleasant spring bidding a farewell, summer is here to stay for a while. Now and then we are looking for ways to escape to a pleasant place to beat the heat. With extended weekends around the corner, you are ...
Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary In Haryana

Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary: A Day's Trip From Delhi

The protected reserve of Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary provides a quick escapade for the people of Delhi and Haryana. Established as a wildlife sanctuary in the 1986, Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary shares its borderwith Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary. Let us make a virtual tour ...
Sultanpur National Park In Haryana

Exploring the Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

"I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven", said Emily Dickinson. Yes, thanks to the efforts of the ornithologists like Peter Jackson and Salim Ali, we are able to see such a heavenly places like ...
Vintage Car Museums In India

5 Vintage Car Museums in India: Recalling the Royal Past!

We often read and hear about the luxurious lives our royals lead in the past. In this democratic India, monarchy has been removed for more than 60 years and we have hardly witnessed the real grandeur of Kings and Queens! Still, ...
Surprising Facts About Chandigarh

17 Surprising Facts About Chandigarh You Should Know

We would love to see a place which is so well planned and maintained. Chandigarh is one such cities in India which is a must visit. You'll know why it is a must visit as you read these surprising facts about ...
Travel In North India This April

An Offbeat Travel in North India this April

Summer vacations are fun and we like to do different kinds of travel just to beat the heat. Here are some unexplored places that're worth a visit. Try an offbeat travel and tour around North India this April. These destinations are ...
The Most Beautiful Lakes India

The Most Beautiful Lakes in India

India has an amazing amount of water resources. Apart from rivers and beaches, there are a number of beautiful lakes in India which are a visual treat. Freshwater lakes, Brackish water lakes, lagoons, man-made lakes, natural lakes; each have a different ...
Haryana Kurukshetra

Haryana Tourism - The Battlefield of Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra when translated literally means the field of righteousness. It is a land filled with history and mythology. It was here that the historic battle of Mahabharata took place between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and also the place where Lord ...
Haryana Faridabad

Harayana Tourism - The Historical Town of Faridabad

The small hamlet of Faridabad is named after its founder Baba Farid and is known for its forts, mosques and palaces that once adorned the place. Located on the plains of the Yamuna river this town has lost much of its ...

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