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Thyagaraja Temple, Thiruvarur


The Thyagaraja Temple is one of the most ancient temples that can be found in Tamil Nadu. It dates back to the first millennium and was constructed by the Cholas. The temple complex itself is spread over an area of 33 acres and houses various smaller shrines dedicated to the worship of several deities.

The main shrine of the temple is split into two, one dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva as Vanmikinathar, while the other is dedicated to the worship of Thyagarajar. The shrine devoted to Vanmikinathar is purportedly ages older than the one dedicated to Thyagarajar.

The Vanmikinathar shrine has an anthill or “putru” replacing the conventional shivalinga. The temple was made famous by the Thevara hymns of the Saiva Nayanmars of the 7th century A.D. The best time to visit the temple would be during March when the annual car festival of the temple is held which lasts for ten days. 

Thyagaraja Temple Photos

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