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Thiruvalla – The Town Of Worship, The Town Of Stories


Thiruvalla is a small, quiet town nestled on the banks of river Manimala in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It is known as a ‘Temple Town’ and is rich with its history and culture that stand tied to its numerous temples.

Tourist Places In And Around Thiruvalla

Thiruvalla attracts tourists and worshippers from all over the nation as the legendary ‘Sri Vallabha Temple’ also known as the, ‘Southern Tirupati’, is located here. This place is also a home to the famous Paliakkara Church with a history that takes you back to 52 AD, when Christianity was first introduced in Kerala. Thiruvalla has many stories and legends kept in its cultural folds.

There is a story behind everything associated with this place, be it the temples, festivals or even its name. Story goes that during the reign of the Thiruvathamkoor Maharaja this place was known as Sri Vallabhapuram and later changed to Thiruvallabhapuram and it has evolved as Thiruvalla in recent times.

There is another belief that the name Thiruvalla is named after the deity Thiru Vallabhan or Vishnu. Thiruvalla is thus also known as a town of Vishnu.

A Cultural Getaway

The heritage of Thiruvalla is not restricted only to its temples and their activities but is very diverse, encompassing the religions of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Numerous churches co-exist with temples and there are a few well-known mosques as well in this small town. These religious spaces shape the culture of Thiruvalla in unique manners.

The temples were not only the places of worship but also played an integral role in shaping the revenue and trade models of the society. Thiruvalla boasts numerous temple performances and rituals which are unique only to this place which include Ammankudam, Arattu, Chandanakudam, Chuttuvilakku, Ezhunnallathu and a lot more.

Seasons – Thiruvalla Weather

Thiruvalla is best known for its pleasant and welcoming weather. South West Monsoon winds bring heavy showers to Thiruvalla in the months of August for a couple of months. Thiruvalla has a distinctively tropical, yet pleasing climate. The best time to visit this historical town is after the rains as the healthy showers of monsoon leave this place lush green and pristine.

Flavours Of Thiruvalla

Paddy is the major crop grown here and one can see the fields spread over stretches. This place is heaven for those who enjoy typical South Indian cuisine. Rice is the chief food item of Thiruvalla, naturally, as it is grown in abundance here.

Contrary to the belief that South Indian food does comprise only of Idly and Dosa, you can sample and savour a host of other delicacies such as Puttu with plantain or black channa curry and Appam or pancakes.

The meals are very heavy as a Kerala preparation can never be complete without coconut. The locals here have a penchant of pickling everything delicious that comes in their way be it raw mangoes, lime or even gooseberries.

Thiruvalla is a place where you can endlessly tickle your taste buds with sumptuous spread of sweet, spicy, sour, bitter-sweet, tangy dishes. This small town will floor you with its old world charm and natural beauty. If you are a great lover of Mythology, Thiruvalla is the place you should visit. Tales of great kings and the temples they constructed all over this small town, await you.

Thiruvalla is Famous for

Thiruvalla Weather

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How to Reach Thiruvalla

  • By Road
    Buses are the easy way of transport in the town of Thiruvalla as there are frequent services to every nook corner of the town. Travelling by road can cut your expenses to a considerable degree as well. Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam Kannur, Kochi , Coimbatore , Chennai, Madurai, Bangalore and Mangalore are connected from Thiruvalla through road.
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  • By Train
    Travelling to Thiruvalla is not tiresome as the town has connectivity to other cities through rail. The town has a railway station and trains run frequently from the Thiruvalla to all major cities in Southern India and Western India. Regular trains run from Thiruvalla to other major cities of Kerala such as Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi.
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  • By Air
    Though Thiruvalla does not have an airport, it is well connected from other airports of Kerala. The nearest airports are Kochi International airport and Thiruvananthapuram Airport which are situated at a distance of approximately 118 and 125 kilometres respectively.
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