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The weather in Thiruvalla is tropical but since it is located in the lap of nature, the weather is never extreme. The best time to visit this small town is from January to March when the weather is pleasant. Moderate temperatures characterize these months and the season is quite welcoming.


The summers in Thiruvalla are hot and humid and they hit the town from May to June. During summer the temperature fluctuates between a maximum of around 34°C and a minimum temperature of around 26°C. Visiting Thiruvalla during the summer can be taxing due to high humidity.


Monsoon in Thiruvalla is pretty heavy and the place enjoys a considerable rainfall during the season. The town blooms under monsoon rain for around four whole months starting from June/July. If you are planning to visit this small time during monsoons, you are sure to witness the luxury of greenery.


Winter blesses Thiruvalla from November to January and the climate gets pleasantly chill. Winters can hit a maximum temperature of around 24°C and the minimum temperature of around 18°C during the winter months. Winter clothes can of help to those who wish to visit the town during these months.