Sri Vallabha Temple, Thiruvalla

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Sri Vallabha Temple, also known as Southern Tirupati attracts not just the staunch devotees of the deity but tourists from all over the world. Not only does it carry a valuable religious sentiment but serves as a feast to tourists’ eyes. The ancient idols carved here are mostly out of a single rock, with numerous delicate patterns and murals on them. The ‘Uthrasreebali’ is a festival which is celebrated in March-April, is famous for its ‘Kettukazha’ procession. This procession is led by colourful floats, caparisoned elephants and traditional percussion is used. The atmosphere is vibrant as there are numerous fairs on the streets of Thiruvalla. Lush green grass patches and trees enclose the complex.

Sri Vallabha Temple is distinct from the rest as it is the only temple in Kerala where Kathakali is performed every single day as a manner of ritual. Such is the grandeur of this temple that even individuals who are not devotees of Vishnu would be in awe of the sculptures and architecture. The 50 feet long flag post with an idol of the eagle lord Garuda which is carved out of a single stone is indeed an architectural wonder.


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