Catholic Rosary Church, Thalassery

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Catholic Rosary Church is an ancient church and a place of worship for the Catholics of Kerala. Situated close to the Thalassery fort, the church attracts visitors due to its historical significance and architectural marvel.

This church is best known for its architectural style that involves excellent glass works that were brought from London. The Catholic Rosary Church, established in the early 16th century, is amongst the ancient churches in Kerala. It had its share of significance during the colonial times.

The administration of the church underwent massive changes since its construction. Originally it was under the administration of Archbishop of Goa, which continued until 1609. Later the church was taken over by the Kodungallur Archdiocese and today it is administered under the Kannur Archdiocese. The cemetery of the church, in which many noted colonial officials take their final rest, attracts tourists and history lovers.


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