Overbury's Folly, Thalassery

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Overbury's Folly is an unfinished construction and is generally regarded as an architectural folly. This is a recreational park situated on the top of a hill and is close to Thalassery Court and Municipal Stadium.

The name of the park is derived from E N Overbury who served his office as the Sub Collector of the region. With the aim of developing it into a picnic spot, he started the construction of this park in 1879. Unfortunately, he could not complete the construction and hence the spot was named ‘Overbury’s folly’. This park was renovated later, and now it serves as a major tourist attraction in Thalassery.

Travelers visit this place to spend their evenings watching the beauty of the surrounding Arabian Sea. There is an open air coffee shop and a view point in the park, and it is located in proximity to the Sub Collector’s Bungalow.


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