English Church, Thalassery

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The English Church, otherwise called St. John’s Anglican Church, is one of the most visited tourist places in Thalassery. With a history that dates back to over 140 years, this church is regarded as one of the first churches in the Malabar area. The church is located very close to the Thalassery Fort and offers a picturesque view to the visitors.

Adjacent to this church lies a cemetery in which rest many great colonial administrators of Malabar. The grave of Edward Brennen, an Anglican philanthropist who strived for the welfare of Thalassery and donated his fortunes for it, is of great interest to history lovers.

The architecture of the church, with its grandeur and antiquity, attracts visitors. The church has magnificent glasswork manufactured from London that stands as a testimony to the erstwhile English glory. The English Church was renovated recently under the Archeology Department and is now open to visitors.


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