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Suchindram, a mystical and tranquil land is a famous pilgrim town part of the Kanyakumari District in the state of Tamil Nadu. The place is a very popular pilgrim destination primarily because of the presence of Thanumalayan Temple. During ancient times, the town acted as a citadel for the town of Travancore.

Festive Fervor

The place is famous for celebration of two festivals; Markazhi and Chiththirai. People from all over Tamil Nadu and the neighboring states visit Suchindram to participate in the festivals. Markazhi is celebrated during the winter months, in either December or January and the celebrations last for nine days when on the last day the Hindu deities are placed on three festival cars and taken through the town in a procession. The other festival Chiththirai is celebrated in April and May.

Of Temples and Gods – Tourist places in and around Suchindram

Although the town is famous for Thanumalayan Temple, there are other temples also in the town. These are the Dwarka Krishnan temple, the Munuthitanankai temple, the Asramam Sastha temple, the Karupasami koi, Thamouran Thampurati Tample Akkarai temple, Asrammam Ausuya and Athri Munivar Homa Kundam he, sramamaruliku Sree Bhoothathanmaad anthampura menaski amman kovil, the Mutharamman temple and the Peramabalam Natarajar temple.

Despite the presence of all these temples, it is the Thanumalayan temple that attracts most pilgrims because of its unique representation of three different Hindu Gods - Stanumalaya - Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

The main places of interest in Suchindram are the Thanumalayan temple and the historical town of Colachel that lies very close to Suchindram.

How to reach Suchindram

The airport nearest to the town is in Thiruvanthapuram, and the closest railway station is the Kanyakumari Railway Station. However, one can take direct buses to Suchindram from any of the major south Indian cities.

Suchindram weather

The weather at Suchindram remains the same for most part of the year except during the summer when it tends to be very hot.

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