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Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, Srinagar


Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, located over an area having varying altitudes ranging from a minimum of 5500 and maximum of 14000 ft above sea level, is a popular tourist attraction in Srinagar. It was declared a National Park In 1951. Sprawled across a wide area of approximately 141 sq km, this sanctuary is home to the endangered red deer called Hangul.

Visitors can also spot the black and brown bear, leopards, musk deer and migratory birds in this sanctuary. This national park is separated into two segments, namely the upper Dachigam and the lower Dachigam. The flora of the sanctuary consists of a variety of vegetation including coniferous forests, grasslands, leaved woodlands and rain forests.

The Himalayan griffon, Himalayan weasel, yellow throated marten, leopards, long tailed blue magpie, hill fox and jackal are a few of the fauna that call this sanctuary home. This wild hub is also inhabited by various species of birds such as the blood pheasant, bearded vulture, golden eagle and crimson tapogan.

The Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary is open all through the year but can only be entered with the permission of the Chief Wildlife Warden. The timings for visiting this park are from 5:30 am to 6:30 pm (Daily).

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