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  • 01ISKCON Temple

    ISKCON Temple

    The ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Temple is located in the heart of Silchar in a locality named Ambica Patty. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and serves as an important attraction for tourists and the local residents of the town. The temple has idols of Gaudiya Vaishnava (Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) along with the idols of Krishna and Radha.

    Standing tall at close to 50 ft the temple overlooks the locality and is famous for its architecture. The temple draws huge crowds during the festivals of Janmasthami and Durga Puja every year where thousands of people are served the Holy Prasad at the temple premises.

    The monks at the temple are also involved in much charitable work for the poor and the downtrodden in and around Silchar. The delicious vegetarian meal that is served every day for the devotees is a significant attraction with the tourists visiting this temple.

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  • 02Kanch Kanti Kali Mandir

    Kanch Kanti Kali Mandir

    Kanch Kanti Kali Mandir (known as Kancha Kanti Mandir is dedicated to the Four-Armed Goddess Kali and Durga). Kancha Kanti Mandir is a revered pilgrim spot close to Silchar. Located about 15 km from the city, the Kancha Kanti Mandir is a temple dedicated to Mother Goddess.

    The goddess is believed to be a union of Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga. There is a four-armed idol inside the temple which is believed to have been made in 1806. The Kancha Kanti Mandir was built by a Kachari king who had dreamt that Goddess Durga had commanded him to make a four-armed idol and install it in a temple. This is how the Kancha Kanti Mandir was formed.

    Devotees come to the temple throughout the year to pay obeisance to the goddess. The architecture of the temple is simple, but it is highly regarded, and a must-visit for tourists. Tourists can book a taxi or take a bus to reach the temple premises from the main city.

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  • 03Maniharan Tunnel

    Maniharan Tunnel

    Maniharan Tunnel is located about 5 km from the Bhuvan Hill where the Bhuvan Mahadev Temple is located. This ancient tunnel finds a mention in the epic Mahabharata. Legend has it that Lord Krishna had used this tunnel.

    The holy Tribeni river flows below the tunnel. Situated in the vicinity of the tunnel is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. This place is thronged by tourists from around the country and the world making it one of the must-visit places during your trip to Silchar. Every year the festivals of Holi and Shivaratri are celebrated adjacent to this tunnel bringing this place to life.

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  • 04Gandhibag Park

    Gandhibag Park

    The Gandhibag Park, named after Mahatma Gandhi, is situated at the centre of Silchar. It is a beautiful, big park that is known for its vast greenery in the midst of a growing city. Exhibitions and fairs or melas are regularly held at the Gandhibag Park.

    The most prominent and famous mela held at the Gandhibag Park is the annual Gandhi Mela that sees artisans displaying their handicrafts and handloom work on the same ground. The Gandi Mela is held during the month of January.

    In one corner of the park stands the Martyr’s Tomb that was built in commemoration of the 11 martyrs who were gunned down by the police on the 21st of February 1961. They were protesting against the state government’s directive to make Assamese compulsory in the state knowing fully well the Barak Valley is dominated by the Bengalis.

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  • 05Bhuban Mahadev Temple

    Bhuban Mahadev Temple

    Located about 40 km south of Silchar is the Bhuban Mahadev Temple, a medieval age temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located atop the Bhuvan Hill and was built by Kachari King Lakshmi Chandra. The temple has the idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is built of solid rock.

    The craftsmanship of the temple is unique and reflects the best of Kachari architecture that can be found in different places of the ancient kingdom. Bhuban Mahadev Temple attracts devotees from all over the country, especially during the festival of Shivaratri.

    The trek up to the temple from the base of the hill offers a great experience to the tourists and offers you a glimpse of the pristine surroundings. Bhuvan Hill offers a bird’s eye view of the neighbouring valley which is a treat for the visitors.

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  • 06Maibong


    Maibong is a popular Hill Station located 137 km from the town of Silchar, easily accessible by road. The name of the place literally means 'plenty of rice' in the Dimasa language. Maibong is located on the bank of the Mahur river and served as the capital of the erstwhile Dimasa and Kachari kingdoms.

    Walking through this hill station will take you back in time and offer you glimpses of a once flourishing kingdom. Major tourist attractions in Maibong include ruins of the old city of Kachari Kingdom that is located on the south of the hill station.

    You must also visit the Longthaini Noh Temple and the Ramchandi Temple that was constructed in the 12th century and is a monolithic temple with two roofs. Apart from these there are a few waterfalls in and around the town with the most popular being the Maibong Waterfalls.

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  • 07Khaspur


    Khaspur was the medieval capital of the Kachari kings. A palace boasts the glory of Khaspur though it lies in ruins today. The ruins, however, give a hint that once upon a time, there was much activity in this area.

    Khaspur is specially known for the Kachari Fort. The Kachari Fort served as the royal seat of the Kachari dynasty. Apart from the simplistic palace, there is also a suryadwar (entrance of the sun) and a devalaya (house of the gods) in the area.

    In the middle of the 18th century, Khaspur came under the Dimasa Kachari rule when the Koch king (who till then ruled over the area) died without an heir. Once it was under the Dimasa Kachari kings, the Kacharis made this their capital and later constructed the Kachari Fort. Tourists can hire a taxi to reach Khaspur.

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  • 08Jatinga


    The village of Jatinga is located 80 km from the town of Silchar. This village has gained fame owing to the mention of birds committing suicide according to a folklore. Scientific studies have proved that the birds don’t actually commit suicide but are killed.

    On moonless nights in the month of autumn, birds are said to become disorientated during their flight over the valley. The locals attract these birds with lights and kill them with bamboo poles and eat them. Nonetheless, Jatinga serves as a huge crowd puller and is considered to be one of the most popular hill stations in Assam.

    Jatinga is also a pristine hill station where you can easily get absorbed in Mother Nature. There is greenery all around, and the hills and the clear mountain streams make a perfect setting for a great holiday. You can also shop for local arts and artefacts during your trip to this place.

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  • 09Umrangshu


    Umrangshu is a hill station located 196 km from the town of Silchar. It is located in between the border of Assam and Meghalaya and is a noted destination among tourists. With the North Cachar Hills as the background, the place is famous for its scenic beauty and the beautiful view of the valley below.

    One of the biggest attractions of this hill station is the Hot spring (GARAMPANI), the water of which is believed to have medicinal value. This place is also home to one of the biggest hydel power projects in the North East being run by the North East Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) with dams in the Kopili river.

    You can go out boating in the lake and enjoy the exquisite scenery from the top of the hill that is enough to captivate anybody’s attention.

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