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Silchar, India 24 ℃ Partly cloudy
Wind: 3 from the NE Humidity: 92% Pressure: 1009 mb Cloud Cover: 43%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Min Max
Thursday 21 Sep 23 ℃ 74 ℉ 32 ℃90 ℉
Friday 22 Sep 24 ℃ 75 ℉ 32 ℃89 ℉
Saturday 23 Sep 25 ℃ 77 ℉ 33 ℃91 ℉
Sunday 24 Sep 26 ℃ 78 ℉ 33 ℃92 ℉
Monday 25 Sep 26 ℃ 78 ℉ 35 ℃96 ℉

Since Silchar enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year, tourists can visit the city any time of the year. However, it is better if the monsoons are avoided. The summers and the winters are a good time for sight-seeing and checking out the city as well as the neighbouring attractions.  


Summer sets in by late March or early April and lasts till July. The maximum temperature that can be expected during this time is 35 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature that can be expected is 22 degrees Celsius. It gets quite humid during the day time.  


Monsoons bring in substantial rainfall to the city of Silchar. The monsoon months are July, August and September. The monsoons bring a respite from the scorching heat and humidity of the summers. The only deterrent of the heavy showers is that the roads are likely to get jammed during this season.


Winter is a pleasant time in Silchar. Once the rains subside, it becomes quite cool and by late-November winter sets in which lasts till February. The average temperature ranges between 25 degrees Celsius and 12 degrees Celsius. Tourists traveling to Silchar during the winters should carry light woollens.