Khaspur, Silchar

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Khaspur was the medieval capital of the Kachari kings. A palace boasts the glory of Khaspur though it lies in ruins today. The ruins however give a hint that once upon a time, there was much activity in this area.

Khaspur is specially known for the Kachari Fort. The Kachari Fort served as the royal seat of the Kachari dynasty. Apart from the simplistic palace, there is also a suryadwar (entrance of the sun) and a devalaya (house of the gods) in the area.

In the middle of the 18th Century, Khaspur came under the Dimasa Kachari rule when the Koch king (who till then ruled over the area) died without an heir. Once it was under the Dimasa Kachari kings, the Kachari’s made this their capital and later constructed the Kachari Fort. Tourists can hire a taxi to reach Khaspur.


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