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Roing, a land of enchanting hills with lush green valleys is the headquarters of Lower Dibang Valley District in Arunachal Pradesh. It forms a part of eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. The land of hills and rivers is bounded by Dibang Valley in the north, Lohit district in the east and Mc Mohan Line, on the west by the eastern and Upper Siang districts of Arunachal Pradesh and on the south by the Tinsukia district of Assam.

Snow-capped peaks, turbulent rivers, mystic valleys and abundance of rich flora and fauna are a few attractions of Roing. Known for its natural beauty, colourful and charming tribes, ancient archeological sites make the place a perfect destination for nature lovers, adventurous tourists, archeologists and anthropologists.

Tourist Places in and around Roing

Roing houses a lot of scenic attractions that are frequented by visitors and they range from lakes, valleys and wildlife sanctuary. Some of the main attractions of Roing are Sally and Mehao Lake, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary. Roing is also famous for ancient archeological sites Bhishmakar and Rukmini Nati. The sight of the tranquil water of lakes, rivers and of numerous high water falls reflecting the colour of blue sky and sometimes hovering clouds overhead gives a mesmerizing experience to the visitors. The true lovers of nature who wish to enjoy the Nature, this hidden paradise welcomes them.

Roing- Land and People

The town, located at the foothill of the Mishmi Hill, is lively with friendly people. Both Mishmi and Adi tribesmen for the major native of Roing. Reh festival of Mishmi is celebrated in the month of February  while Solung festival of Adis on September 1 every year with great pomp and fest. The Idu Mishmi is one of the two other tribes of the district. The Idu Mishmis can be distinctively identified among other tribal groups by their typical hairstyle, distinctive costumes and artistic patterns embedded on their clothes. These tribes of Arunachal Pradesh still maintain deep-rooted aesthetic values in their day-to-day life with great pride and honour.

Best Time to Visit Roing

The best time to visit Roing would be during the winter months which begins in October and lasts till January. This is the time when the ponds of Roing are filled with lotuses and sightseeing becomes all the more pleasant.

How to Reach Roing

The town of Roing can be easily reached through a variety of modes of transport. The town does not have a proper railway station, nor does it have a proper airport. Trains should thus be taken to the nearest railway station which is Tinsukia in Assam. From Assam, Roing can be easily reached through the many roads that lead to the town. Travellers can opt for buses and taxis to the town of Roing, and this is a popular mode of transport.

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