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Malpe is a beautiful beach town located just six kilometers from the temple town of Udupi. It is a natural port and important fishing area of the Karnataka coastline. As it sits on the estuary of the Udyavara River, it is a breathtakingly beautiful picnic spot.

Tourism Options in Malpe - Tourist places in Malpe

The main attraction in Malpe are it unique islands that are made of volcanic rocks just off the coastline. Of these, St. Mary's Islands are uniquely shaped sheer rock islands made of columnar basaltic lava, as a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred eons ago.

Malpe is one of the main geo-tourism attractions of India and this place is of particular interest to geologists. Other major attractions in this region include the temples of Balarama and Anantheswara. There is a fort on one of the islands and this is said to have been constructed by Basavappa Nayakar.

When you are in Malpe, you have to take a ferry or boat ride to the St Mary's Islands; the golden sands, the pristine beaches with their gentle swaying coconut trees and crystal clear and calm waters offer a feast to the eyes.

During high tides, you can also catch a boat ride for almost 10 kilometers in the estuary. You can swim in these calm waters without the fear of drowning as the sea is calm.

A Look at the Local Scene

Apart from fisheries, tile-making and coconut cultivation are also major occupations in Malpe. The area attracts more than its fair share of tourists because of its location and geographical features, and so tourism is an industry that flourishes. Tulu, Konkani and Kannada are the main languages in Malpe.

There are many beach resorts in and around Malpe to cater to the visitors. As Malpe is a suburb of Udupi, there are plenty of options to choose from, for your stay. The Paradise Isle Beach Resort, the Malpe Beach Resort and the Palm Grove Beach Resort in Udupi are just some of the hotels in this area.

The Malpe Beach is almost as beautiful as its Caribbean counterparts with its serene waters and clear blue skies. You can truly appreciate the beauty of this unspoilt beach from a boat or ferry, on the way to the St. Mary's Islands or from them.

As this is an ecologically and geographically unique area, much importance is given by locals and tourists alike to preserve its pristine beauty - so be environmentally responsible when you visit a delicately balanced area like Malpe and have fun!

Best time to visit Malpe

Winter is best season to visit Malpe

How to reach Malpe

Malpe can be reached by air, road and train.



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