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  • 01St. Mary's Island

    St. Mary's Island in Karnataka, known more by the name Coconut Island is a small cluster of four islands located off Malpe sea coast in Udupi. The columnar basaltic lava formation is the most unique sight in the islands.

    St. Mary's Island is one of the twenty six declared geological monuments in India. The Portuguese traveller Vasco Da Gama stopped by this Island before landing in Kappad in Kerala. This island now has a deserted look as there are neither buildings nor many domestic animals, but some park benches.

    Nearest airport is in Mangalore, which is 58 km away from the Island. Travellers can use ferry service to reach this island. Ferry services are available from the Malpe harbour dock. Malpe is only 4 km away from the town of Udupi and road transport is the easiest means to get to Malpe from Udupi. The availability of ferry transport however depends on the number of travellers.

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  • 02Malpe beach

    The favourite hangout spot of people in Malpe is the Malpe Beach. The Malpe Beach is popular locally, due to the clean environments and the food stalls offering tasty local dishes. Cultural and sports events are held on the beach very often.

    The number of tourists visiting the beach has also increased off late. Visitors to the beach can engage in boating, angling, wave riding and fishing. There are many resorts on the beach side too offering accommodation and recreation facilities.

    The Malpe beach is also a fishing harbour. The cool breeze, palm trees and small waves make the beach beautiful. Maple shipyard can also be seen at a distance. The Maple Beach is about 6 km from Udupi.

    The Udupi Railway station is quite close. You can reach Malpe beach by road in no time. There are frequent buses from Udupi to the Malpe bus stand and the beach is at a walkable distance from the bus stand.

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  • 03Daria Bahadurgad Fort

    Daria Bahadurgad Fort

    The Daria Bahadurgad Island is one of the famous islands in Malpe. Malpe in Udupi district is known for beaches and islands. Every year thousands of tourists visit these islands in Malpe.

    Daria Bahadurgad Fort is located on this island. The island is less than 250 yards and is wide about just 1.6 sq km. Although small, the rocky island has many scenic locations. A very old tile factory and a few famous temples are also near the Daria Bahadurgad fort.

    Basavappa Naik of Bidanur constructed the fort many decades ago. The Daria Bahadurgad Fort is just a few miles away from Malpe beach towards the west. It is easy to reach Daria Bahadurgad Fort once you reach Udupi Railway station which is just 8 km away from the fort.

    There are boat services from Malpe town to Daria Bahadurgad and the boat fare is very reasonable. Malpe is well connected by road too from Udupi.

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  • 04Vadabhandeshwara


    Vadabhandeshwara Temple, a temple known for its rich artistic architecture is situated by the sea shore of Malpe. The deity in the temple is Lord Balram, brother of Lord Krishna. The temple is also known as Anantheshwara temple. According to legend, the idol worshipped in this temple was installed by Sri Madhavacharya.

    Hindu devotees usually visit the temple on the New Moon Day or Mahalaya Amavasya to offer prayers and to bath in the sea. The Vadabhandeshwara temple is at a distance of about 4 miles away from Udupi towards the west.

    You can reach Vadabhandeshwara temple from Udupi by road in minutes. You can avail bus services, auto-rickshaws or taxis to travel from Udupi to Malpe. The Udupi Railway station is the nearest railway station to Malpe.

    Regular bus services to Malpe are available from Shimoga, Dharmasthala and other major cities too. Travellers may also use air conditioned coaches to get to Malpe.

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