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St. Mary's Island, Malpe


St. Mary's Island in Karnataka, known more by the name Coconut Island is a small cluster of four islands located off Malpe sea coast in Udupi. The columnar basaltic Lava formation is the most unique sight in the islands.

St. Mary's Island is one of the twenty six declared geological monuments in India. The Portuguese traveller Vasco Da Gama stopped by this Island before landing in Kappad in Kerala. This island now has a deserted look as there are neither buildings nor many domestic animals, but some park benches.

Nearest airport is in Mangalore, which is 58 km away from the Island. Travellers can use ferry service to reach this island. Ferry services are available from the Malpe harbour dock. Malpe is only 4 km away from the town of Udupi and road transport is the easiest means to get to Malpe from Udupi. The availability of ferry transport however depends on the number of travellers.

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