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Raja Harsh ka Tila is a one kilometre long, 750 metres wide mound located on the outskirts of the city of Kurukshetra. The ancient mound standing 15-18 m high above the ground hides within itself invaluable wealth of information in the form of a variety of historical remnants belonging to periods ranging from Kushan to Mughal era.

The excavation work carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India has revealed antiquities related to at least six cultural and historical periods starting from first century A.D. to 19th century A.D. The periods include Rajput, Gupta, Kushana, Post Gupta, Vardhmana, Sultanate, and Mughal Period.

The most important objects recovered are from the Kushana and the post Gupta periods. While the objects during the Kushan period include painted greyware, those associated with post-Gupta period include polished redware. Several brick structures discovered from the mound also belong to these two periods.

Some structural remnants of the Indo-Islamic period including a garden complex and some antiquities of various periods have also been found.

Harsh ka tilla can prove to be a happy hunting ground for archaeological enthusiasts.

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