Snowdon Peak, Kotagiri

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Snowdon Peak is famous for the breathtaking view of Mysore. This is the only spot in the Nilgiris from where you get such a wonderful sight of the city of Mysore. It is located on the Kotagiri Main road and is at a lofty height of 2677 metres above the sea level.

As high as it is, approachability is not an issue due to the well maintained roads that lead to this peak. Next to the Doddabetta, which is the tallest peak in the Nilgirs, Snowdon Peak is the one at the highest elevation.

The view of Mysore that you get from Snowdon Peak is what sets it apart from any other peak in the area. Though it would be prudent to pack up on your thermal wear if you are planning to visit Snowdon Peak, for, as the name suggests, it gets pretty cold on top of this peak.


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