Nehru park, Kotagiri

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Nehru Park is located some 3 kilometres off the main town of Kotagiri. It is a private park that provides a lot of leisure activities to the visitor. Inside the park there exists a Temple of the Kota tribe who are the original inhabitants of Kotagiri.

The park also has a Congregation Centre and a Park dedicated to the memory of the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. There is also a playground created for the use of the general public and an indoor game venue whose original purpose was to serve as a flood shelter.

The main activity of the park is to serve as a venue for several cultural events and indoor game activities. Every year, during the period from March to June, a Flower Show is organised inside the park which has been known to showcase a wide variety of uncommon flowers that grow only in the Nilgiris, especially rare varieties of roses.

A Vegetable Show has also been organised here in recent times showcasing some of the best vegetable produce which are found in Kotagiri.


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