Longwood Shola, Kotagiri

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Longwood Shola, the word evokes two names, or rather species of wildlife to mind – one being the Indian Bison and the other being the Flying Fox. Longwood Shola is a natural evergreen forest located in Kotagiri, which is home to both the species.

It is also home to several other species of animals and birds and is a critical factor in balancing the fragile ecosystem of the Nilgiris. It is home to several rare and endangered species of birds and is hence an ideal spot for bird watching.

Longwood Shola is all that remains of the Shola forest that once existed in the Nilgiris. It is dense with different varieties of evergreen trees and is also an ideal spot for a trekking expedition. It spreads over an area of 116 hectares and is being preserved with diligence because of the role it plays in keeping things in balance.


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