Rangaswamy Pillar & Peak, Kotagiri

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Rangaswamy Pillar and Peak is a structure which is situated at a height of 1794 metres above sea level. It is located around 20km from Kotagiri and is one of the tourist attractions that the hill station is known for. Rangaswamy Peak is a place of much importance for those living in the Nilgiris.

It is the local deity for the people of the district and the shrine on the peak is an important place of pilgrimage for them. According to legend, the deity Lord Rangaswamy, who once lived in the place called Karamadai in Coimbatore, had quarreled with his wife and migrated to the peak, to live alone. A set of footprints on a rock at the base of the peak are said to be proof to the legend.

The Pillar is on the northwest side of the peak and is 400 feet high. It is nearly impossible to scale this structure.

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