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Long ago Kheda was known as “Hidimba Van” because its believed that Bhimsen of Mahabharata had killed a demon to marry Hidimba at this place. Kheda was initially ruled by the Babi Dynasty but later taken over by the Marathas and successively by the British.

Kheda is historically important as Gandhiji started his Satyagraha from here. Kheda was famine stricken, and the British was not exempting the taxes of the villagers.

Tourist places in and around Kheda

In such a situation Gandhiji initiated the first Satyagraha which ultimately made the British bow down to the pressure of the villagers and taxes for two consecutive years were suspended and interest amount decreased.

"Khedia Hanuman Temple" at the Hanuman Tekro, Shree Mahalaxmi Temple, Shree Mankameshvar Temple, Shree Hanumanji temple, Bahucahraji Mandir, Shree Somath temple, Ramji Mandir, Bhadrakali temple, Shree Meldi Mataji temple, Shree Nilkanth Mahadev temple, Ranchodrai Temple of Dakor, Shree Khodiyar Mandir near Kheda, Santram Mandir of Nadiad are the important religious places to visit in and around Kheda.

Kheda is also famous for 150 years old traditional murals of Gujarat that can be found on some temple walls and residential houses. The subjects of these murals are both secular and religious with figures of human beings and animals included in them.

Best time to visit Kheda

It is lovely to visit Kheda during winter and monsoon seasons.

How to reach Kheda

It can be reached by train and road.

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