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The small town of Karkala in the Udupi district of Karnataka is a place of historical as well as religious significance.

A Heritage Site for All to See - Tourist Places in Karkala

Karkala traces its history right back to the 10th century when it was ruled by Jain kings. The rulers of the time built several Jain basadis as well as temples. These structures today attract tourists who throng to the town to get a glimpse of its glorious past. In fact, so stunning are these Jain statues and structures that Karkala has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Some of the more famous structures found here include the large statute of Bahubali. Set in the rocky hills of the town, the statue is 42 feet high and is the second tallest such structure in Karnataka. The Brahmadeva Pillar in front of the statute is also remarkable.

Karkala has 18 Jain basadis that can be traced back to history. In addition, there are several ancient temples including those dedicated to Anantashayana and Adi Shakti. The town is also popular for its traditions like Hulivesha or the Tiger Dance and buffalo racing.

How To Reach Karkala

Karkala is located 380 kilometers from Bangalore and is well connected to the state roads and the national highway.

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