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Chitharal Hill Temple And Jain Monuments, Kanyakumari


Chitharal is a small village which is a famous tourist spot in Kanyakumari and is located at almost 45 km from the city. This village is renowned for its hill temple and Jain monuments.

Chitharal Hill Temple is located on top of a hillock. This small hill includes a cave in which visitors can see rock-cut statues of the attendant deities and Tirthankaras. On the interior and exterior sides of the cave wall there are many rock-cut statues and carvings. To reach the hill temple visitors have to walk for about ten minutes to the hilltop.

The Jain monuments of Chithral are rich in culture and a lot of visitors travel to these monuments to respect their gods. The idols and rock shelters of the Jain monuments date back to 9th to 11th century.

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