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Kadapa Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Kadapa

  • 01Ameen Peer Dargah

    Ameen Peer Dargah

    Ameen Peer Dargah is a Sufi shrine in the city of Kadapa. The shrine is visited by people of all religions because of its popularity. The shrine, which is a symbol of communal harmony, is open on all days to tourists and locals alike.

    However, the shrine is bustling with activity on Thursdays and Fridays when people of all religions gather at the dargah to seek blessings of two popular sufi saints Peerullah Hussaini and Arufullah Haussaini II.

    The shrine contains the dargah or graves of the two saints. It is believed that praying at the dargah will fulfill all your wishes. The descendants of the two saints also work at the shrine and are dressed in saffron to separate their identity from other workers in the shrine.

    The devotees of the two saints wear only saffron-coloured caps. Many people believe that Peerullah Hussaini was a descendent of Prophet Mohammed. He would visit the dargahs of all Sufi saints of India, and it was in Kadapa that he was asked to settle.

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  • 02Chand Phira Gumbadh

    Chand Phira Gumbadh

    Chand Phira Gumbadh, a mausoleum that belongs to Syed Shah Mohammad Hussein is situated in the town of Kudapa. This mausoleum is hard to miss since it is strategically located right in the centre of the town. The uniqueness of the building lies in its construction and design. The building is shaped in the form of a square with a large dome built in the centre of the building.

    Surrounding the building are huge walls to provide protection to the mausoleum. The building is beautifully decorated both from the inside as well as outside. The parapet of the building is covered with platters of arabesque panels.

    The mausoleum is a fine example of the architecture during the times of the Nizams since it dates back to their time. It is a curiosity for many tourists because of the tall walls that surround the mausoleum. Many tourists visit the building to get a glimpse of what it is like from the inside. The place is also popular among the local Muslim population.

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  • 03Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum

    Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum

    Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum, a must-see attraction in Kadapa, was built in the year 1982. The museum was a combined effort of the Jain community who gave large donations for the construction of the museum. The museum contains pieces from ancient art and architecture pertaining to the religion of Jainism.

    Inside the museum are sculptures carved from stones, icons prepared from bronze, clay figurines, tablets with inscriptions and scriptures carved on them and much more. All the pieces date back to very ancient times, when Jainism was a flourishing religion in India.

    The collection at the museum comes from various parts of India including Nandalur, Gundluru, Thimmayapalem, Attirala, Mantamapampally, Poli, Kolathur and many more places that flourished as towns between the 5th and 18th centuries AD. The artifacts stored at the Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum were earthed during archaeological diggings and then brought to Kadapa for the purpose of showcasing.

    Some of the unusual artifacts at the museum include a statue of Lord Ganesha with His feet made to look like an elephant’s, a statue of Lord Hanuman with His hair tied in the form of a braid and a Shiva statue in which the river Ganges is seen flowing from His side instead of from the top of His head.

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  • 04Masjid-e-Azam


    Masjid-e-Azam, a beautiful mosque built in the 17th century is located in the city of Kadapa and lies very close to the Gandikota Fort. Historians believe that it was the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb who built the mosque at Kadapa during his reign over the region. As a result, one can find many Persian inscriptions on the walls of the mosque.

    The mosque is a very popular one in the city of Kadapa and many Muslims regularly visit the place to offer their namaz or prayers. Apart from the religious importance of the place, the mosque is worth visiting because of its beautiful architecture.

    The mosque has been built keeping in mind the style and architecture of the Mughal era. The architecture borrows heavily from the Persian style as well since Aurangzeb was a huge admirer of the works of Persian architects. The mosque is very similar in style to mosques that were constructed in northern India during the time of Aurangzeb.

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  • 05Devunikadapa


    Devunikadapa is a very popular pilgrim centre of the Hindus because of its religious significance. Pilgrims seeking the blessings of the Lord at Tirumala Tirupati have to go through Devunikadapa in order to consider their pilgrimage complete.

    Devunikadapa is popularly known as Tirumala Tholi Gadapa Devuni Kadapa. The famous Sri Laxmi Venkateswara Temple has been in existence in the area since the times of the Vijayanagar Empire. The idol of Lord Venkateswara was established in the place by Guru Kripacharya himself. Therefore, one can find the mention of Devunikadapa in the puranas as well. It was then referred to as ‘Kripavathi Kshetram’.

    Pilgrims first pray here to Annamacharya and Potuluri Veerabramhendra Swamy before continuing their journey to Tirupati temple. Many people come to the place for worshipping. The temple at Devunikadapa is usually hustling and bustling with activity through the week, but Saturdays are generally very crowded.

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