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Kadapa Weather

The best time to visit Kadapa is during the months of October, November, December, January and February. The weather is extremely pleasant during these months, making traveling and sightseeing very comfortable indeed. However, the evenings and nights can be a bit cool during the months therefore; carrying light woolen clothes is recommended.


Kadapa experiences tropical climate making the summers very hot. The temperature in summers ranges between 32-37 degrees Celsius. The summers begin in the month of March and continue until June. May and June are the hottest summer months. The summers are not only hot but also dry and humid, making traveling very difficult.


Monsoon begins in Kadapa towards the end of June and continues through July, August and September. Since the place experiences tropical climate, light showers are felt during the months of October and November as well. The place receives moderate to heavy rainfall. The temperature comes down, but humidity level rises. Monsoons are not a good time to travel to Kadapa.  


Winters are mildly cold in the region since it falls under tropical area. However, the winter sun is warm and bright and not scorching hot. Afternoons are a good time to venture outside and evenings and nights are very pleasant. Winter months are typically November, December, January and February. As the temperature drops down the humidity levels also decrease.