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Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum, Kadapa

Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum, a must-see attraction in Kadapa, was built in the year 1982. The museum was a combined effort of the Jain community who gave large donations for the construction of the museum. The museum contains pieces from ancient art and architecture pertaining to the religion of Jainism.

Inside the museum are sculptures carved from stones, icons prepared from bronze, clay figurines, tablets with inscriptions and scriptures carved on them and much more. All the pieces date back to very ancient times, when Jainism was a flourishing religion in India.

The collection at the museum comes from various parts of India including Nandalur, Gundluru, Thimmayapalem, Attirala, Mantamapampally, Poli, Kolathur and many more places that flourished as towns between the 5th and 18th centuries AD. The artifacts stored at the Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum were earthed during archaeological diggings and then brought to Kadapa for the purpose of showcasing.

Some of the unusual artifacts at the museum include a statue of Lord Ganesha with His feet made to look like an elephant’s, a statue of Lord Hanuman with His hair tied in the form of a braid and a Shiva statue in which the river Ganges is seen flowing from His side instead of from the top of His head.

Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum Photos