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Chand Phira Gumbadh, Kadapa

Chand Phira Gumbadh, a mausoleum that belongs to Syed Shah Mohammad Hussein is situated in the town of Kudapa. This mausoleum is hard to miss since it is strategically located right in the centre of the town. The uniqueness of the building lies in its construction and design. The building is shaped in the form of a square with a large dome built in the centre of the building.

Surrounding the building are huge walls to provide protection to the mausoleum. The building is beautifully decorated both from the inside as well as outside. The parapet of the building is covered with platters of arabesque panels.

The mausoleum is a fine example of the architecture during the times of the Nizams since it dates back to their time. It is a curiosity for many tourists because of the tall walls that surround the mausoleum. Many tourists visit the building to get a glimpse of what it is like from the inside. The place is also popular among the local Muslim population.

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