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Dogra Art Museum, Jammu

Dogra Art Museum is a popular art repository that is located in the Mubarak Mandi Complex. This gallery, situated in the Pink Hall, has more than 800 rare articles and paintings that belong to different schools, namely Kangra, Basholi and Jammu. The prime attraction of the Dogra Art Museum is the bow and arrow, painted in gold, which belonged to the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan.

The carpentry tools segment is also a popular feature of this museum. In addition, many handwritten manuscripts of Sikandernama and Shahnama in Persian are housed in the Dogra Art Museum. Miniature paintings belonging to the Pahari School of art are some of the prized collections of this museum.

This museum has safely preserved archives that represent the ancient Indian cultural heritage put on display. Therefore, apart from tourists, the Dogra Art Museum is a perfect site for researchers, students of fine arts and scholars.

Dogra Art Museum Photos