Peer Kho Cave Temple, Jammu

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Peer Kho Cave Temple, otherwise known as the Jamwant Cave, is situated in proximity to the Tawi River. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god of destruction, Shiva, while Swayambhu ‘Shiva Lingam’ is the presiding deity. Considered to be one of the most ancient Shrines of the region, the Peer Kho Cave Temple is situated in the midst of an acacia forest. Locals believe that the temple acts as a gateway to other pilgrimage shrines and caves located outside India.Thousands of devotees visit this cave temple during the occasion of Shivaratri, a Hindu festival celebrated in honour of Shiva. The Panjbakhtar Temple, the Ranbireshwar Temple, and the Aap Shambu Temple are other temples located in proximity to the Peer Kho Cave Temple.

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