Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Itanagar

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Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the eight sanctuaries of Arunachal Pradesh. Located in Papum Pare district, the sanctuary covers Diverse climatic and topographical conditions give way to a variety of flora and fauna. In the lap of nature, infinite plants and animals have added beauty to the sanctuary. Human population by the border of the sanctuary has been endowed with the responsibility to conserve and protect the wildlife.

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary was earlier known as Itanagar Reserve Forest with Pachin River in the South, Neorochi on the North-East, Pam River in the East and Chingke stream in the North. Thickly populated with wildlife, the sanctuary houses Sambar, Elephant herbs, Barking Deer, Beer, Tiger and Panthers. Various birds and orchid species are also found here. Unfortunately for development and settlement expansions there has been clearance of forest.

As such the rich habitation has reduced to a great extent. Population of Hornbill, the state bird of Arunachal Pradesh, has been badly effected. Earlier their presence was uniform throughout the sanctuary, but presently they are concentrated only in the eastern and northern part of the sanctuary.

Vegetation is another feature of Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary. Mainly wet evergreen and the tropical semi evergreen reign the region. Forest comprises of a heterogeneous mixture of species. Apart from valleys and foothills, entire region is hilly which has given way to pure patches of bamboo.

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