Ganga Lake, Itanagar

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Ganga lake in Itanagar is one of the famous tourist attraction of Arunachal Pradesh. It is locally known as Gekar Sinyi or Gaekar Saenyik. Located at a distance of 6km from the capital city, the legendary lake has lush green forest around it which mainly comprises of primordial vegetation. Tall trees, orchids and ferns are some of the species which enhance the beauty of the lake. This serene and calm lake is also encompassed by hard rock.

Gekar Sinyi in Nyishi dialect means confined water. Rocky surroundings has made it a popular picnic spot. Availability of boating facilities, swimming pool and nature walks in the surrounding areas has made it further appealing to the visitors. This tranquil and natural lake is nestled at the foothills of Himalayas and houses bountiful greenery. This fresh water lake nestles unique tree ferns.

The lake attracts tourists round the globe for various reasons. The water remains green throughout as it is away from any flowing water body. Apart from the lake's mesmerising natural beauty, some mythical histories are heard about it and its greenish colour. Tourists also make an attempt to capture captivating views of the lake.

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