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Ganesh Temple, Hajo

One of the important attractions of Hajo is the Ganesh Temple. The Ganesh Temple is also known as Deva Bhavana. According to legend, it is believed that the place was once a meeting place of all deities, thus the name Deva Bhavana, meaning a place where gods and goddesses meet.

The temple is built on a giant elephant-shaped natural rock. A big image of Lord Ganesha is carved out in this elephant-shaped rock. Not only is it a place of sanctity but it is also blessed with a beautiful locale.

While at Hajo, tourists can spend a lot of time sitting quietly in one of the corners of the temple and meditate. The place is perfect for anyone searching for peace and calmness. Hajo is very near to Guwahati and tourists can easily plan a day trip to the holy city and be back by evening.