Joy Durga Temple, Hajo

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Joy Durga Temple is a famous temple of Hajo dedicated to Goddess Durga. Built by King Lakshminath Singha around the year 1774, the temple houses a beautiful stone image of Goddess Durga at the temple altar. King Lakshminath Singha was the then ruling king of the Ahom kingdom.

Goddess Durga is regarded as one of the most ferocious yet kind goddess of the Hindus. Mythology is filled with the stories of her bravery and how she fought against evil. The Joy Durga Temple sits as an embodiment of whatever Goddess Durga signifies.

Not only is the temple alter awe-inspiring, but everything around the temple is equally beautiful. Devotees are known to spend hours sitting on the temple stairs and basking in the glory of Nature. Since Hajo is a small town, tourists can easily visit the Joy Durga Temple while stopping over at the other religious attractions of the place.

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