Dhoparguri Satra, Hajo

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The Dhoparguri Satra was constructed by Saint Madhavdeva, the greatest disciple of Srimanta Sankardeva. Srimanta Sankardeva had brought Vaishnavism to Assam and is regarded as the face of Assamese culture. The Dhoparguri Satra was built in the year 1587.

Originally it was just a three-room satra, but over the years, more rooms have been added to the Dhoparguri Satra. There are several holy spots in the Satra today such as the Gokrana, Vikrana and Swargdwar. Satras which function not only as religious houses for the Assamese but also as socio-cultural institutions can be found all across Assam. In this part of Assam, the Dhoparguri Satra is one of the most revered ones.

Every year large number of devotees from all over Assam and also other parts of the country visit the Dhoparguri Satra. This is the only religious attraction in Hajo which follows Vaishnavism as taught by Srimanta Sankardeva.

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