Kethapayya Narayana Temple, Bhatkal

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If tourists get time while travelling in Bhatkal, they can visit Kethapayya Narayana Temple that reflects the architecture style of Vijayanagara Empire. Several engravings and sculptures of Vijayanagara kingdom can be seen at this temple.

A Navaranga, which is a four-pillared hypostyle hall, has been constructed here, surrounded by statues of Ashta Dikpalaka from the eight sides. Tourists can see various mythological and epic stories that include tales of Vanavasa, Ramayana, Rama Pattabhisheka and Putra Kameshti engraved on the temple wall.

At the temple entrance, a large flag pillar, also called dhwajasthambha, is present in order to add to the beauty of the temple. A carving of Kheta Pai, an affluent supporter of this temple, and his consort is also present at this site in front of the idol.


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