Nagar Bazar, Basti

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The word Nagar is used for any settlement, township or a city. However, it is also the name of a village in Basti District of Uttar Pradesh. The place is also known as Nagar Bazar. Situated approximately eight kilometers from the district headquarter, Nagar boasts of being the second largest panchayat in the entire district next to Ganesh Pur.

Located on an elevated mound, the village was believed to be the birthplace of Gautama the Buddha though this claim has been abandoned. It is nonetheless true that the mound has a historical background that needs to be explored. It also houses the remnants of an old castle, which was the residence of the Gautam Rajas of the fourteenth century. There is a temple called Rajkot which is built over the remains of the castle. The famous Chando Tal or the water body, a popular destination for tourists, bird watchers, fishermen and picnickers, is located in its western side.

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