Chando Tal, Basti

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Located on Tanda Road approximately 10 kilometers in the south western side of the Basti District, Chando Tal or lake is an important destination for bird watchers, fish lovers and picnickers. The lake attracts a huge number of migratory birds during the winter months. Their presence in variegated colors and sounds provides a feast to the eyes and ears of the bird enthusiasts.

Chando Tal is five kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide. It is also loved by fishermen as it is home to a variety of fish species.

According to folklore, the area used to be a human habitat and was called Chandra Nagar. With the passage of time, the natural calamities and gradual degeneration led to the disappearance of the habitation and what resulted was a lake or a tal. Some fishermen still retrieve ornaments and other remnants of those times as they catch the fish further lending credence to this view.

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